Monday, October 31, 2011

One Missed Call: Final (2006)

Full Movie

Emiri, a timid high school girl, is bullied mercilessly by her classmates, but when her friend, Asuka, stands up for her, Asuka becomes the target of the bullying instead. Emiri, not wanting to be bullied again, avoids Asuka. Worn down, Asuka attempts to commit suicide, but is saved by the school janitor and remains in a comatose state in the hospital. When the students embark on a class field trip to Korea, Asuka's other self, a vengeful consciousness calling herself "Pam", plots revenge by sending disturbing photos of grisly deaths to the students cell phones. Accompanying these photos is the message: 'Death exemption by forwarding the message.' With one horrific death occurring after another, Emiri races to find the key to the mystery while her classmates rush to pass the message on to save their own lives, sparking a deadly fight for survival.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tokyo Zombie (2005) Trailer

Fujio and Mitsuo are two fulltime slackers who work in a fire extinguisher factory. The two spend their lunch hours training to fulfill their dreams of being jujitsu champions. One day, they murder their boss and dump his body on a Tokyo toxic waste dump known as "Black Fuji". Things suddenly become worse when an army of the undead rises from the waste dump and begin to attack the living. In order to survive, they will have to employ their limited jujitsu skills, to either help or escape Tokyo.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pyrokinesis (2000) Trailer

Junko was born with a type of ESP called pyrokinesis which she can use to incinerate anyone and anything at will. Junko is secretly in love with Kazuki, a young man who works with her. His sister is killed and a boy named Masaki suspected but the police don't arrest him. Junko tells Kazuki about her powers and takes revenge.